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Upholstery / Interior Car Cleaning

Upholstery / Interior Car Cleaning 31 Dec

Recently Microbiologists from the University of Nottingham took samples from motorist’s cars to see what was lurking on the steering wheels, seats and foot wells. They found traces of Ecoli and Staphylococcus. Ecoli causes food poisoning and Staphylococcus can cause blood infections and infections in the lungs and heart.

Motorists were questioned about their car hygiene. 51% admitted to dropping food on their car seats while 35% had spilt a drink.

60% said they regularly ate at the wheel, which explains why 6% admitted to have found rotting food in their vehicle. A further 10% said they would leave rubbish under the seat without a second thought. However, 25% admitted to cleaning the inside of their car just once every three months.

I wonder if that is why Mr Messenger from Hertfordshire called upon our expert services at Rub and Scrub to clean his work van. Mr Messenger runs a successful horticultural business but is time poor when it comes to keeping his van clean.

Our Upholstery and Interior car clean for Mr Messenger consisted of:

  • All Litter removed
  • seats, carpets, boot & floor mats vacuumed
  • seats, carpets & floor mats Shampooed
  • seats, carpets & floor mats Steam cleaned
  • Door panels steam cleaned
  • Ashtrays emptied & steam cleaned
  • Interior trims door cleaned & steam cleaned
  • Dashboard and air vents cleaned, dusted & steam cleaned

Take look at the before and after pictures and have a look at how much dirt we extracted.

Before & After:




















Dirt Extracted!


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