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University Students and The Curious Case of Cleaning

University Students and The Curious Case of Cleaning 8 Sep

Life is looking a whole lot different now for thousands of students up and down the country as they embark on their next major milestone. Many for the first time are moving away from the comforts of their own home and into their respective universities. Whilst the whirlwind of new friends, society participation, partying and (of course) some studying, transitions students into the delightful adventure that is university. Yet many seem to forget the extra responsibilities they have inherited from their new found independence. 

The Importance of Cleaning At University 

One of the major responsibilities that many students overlook is the importance of keeping their living environment clean and tidy. Many students prior to university are accustomed to their parents cleaning up after them but university represents the perfect platform for all-around learning. 

For students, keeping their student accommodation (shared or independent flat/house) clean is imperative for three reasons in particular. Firstly, it creates a great first impression to other students who you may become friends with. Secondly, if students are able to clean their accommodation on a regular basis they will not have to stress about getting things in order for scheduled inspections. Thirdly, when it comes to the end of tenancy period, students will not be left with extortionate charges for their (avoidable) lack of cleanliness and hygiene.   

The Kitchen 


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Kitchen Surfaces 

Encourage housemates to keep their food and crockery/cutlery in their own cupboards and not on the surfaces to make the rub and scrub process easier. Also not leaving food out in the open will prevent it from being exposed to dust particles and bacteria.


Try and be aware of the expiration date of the food you store in the fridge/freezer. If you are preparing meals in advance and storing them in the freezer to eat at later dates, before heating it up, make sure there is no mould.

Oven and Microwave

Aim to clean the oven and microwave at least once a month. Use multi-surface cleaning wipes or microfiber cloths to thoroughly clean through stains. If both are left unclean over a long period of time, a substantial amount of germs and bacteria could dangerously develop. 


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Dishes on Dishes 

Piles of dirty dishes and cutlery are not only unpleasant but create a bad odour and occasional sink blockages. Make cleaning crockery and cutlery straight after use a lasting habit at University. If pressed for time, instead of just leaving the dirty crockery and cutlery aim to soak it in hot water. In doing so, food will not ‘stick’ or stain and will make it easier to wash off. 

The Bathroom


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If you are sharing a bathroom with others (politely) ask everyone to keep their toiletries either in their room or in the bathroom cupboards or in hanging baskets/pockets. Such organisation will stop the bathroom floor from being cluttered with bottles and toothpaste tubes. Also consequently, there will be fewer places for dirt to build up. 

Bleach in Motion

Bleach is the essential multi-purpose cleaning staple for the bathroom. It is efficient at cleaning drains, sinks and toilets to avoid nasty odours and germs. Bleach can also be used to eradicate tough grime on floors and tiles. Since bleach is categorised as a cleaning chemical, it is best advised to wear rubber gloves as well as avoid making skin contact when using it.  
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Dealing with Rubbish 

Ideally keep bins at the front door of each room (kitchen, bathroom and room), this way you are more likely to empty them when you’re heading out. Also ensure you are well stocked on bin bags. Without bin bags, you and your housemates could get into the unhygienic ritual of tipping bins until they overflow. Additionally, it also reduces the need to regularly complete the dreaded task of cleaning the inside of the bins. Also don’t forget to recycle!!!

Washing Machine 

At University it is tempting to wear the same dirty clothes over and over, however it is very unhygienic. Accumulated sweat not only amounts to bad odour but also can cause skin irritation and rashes. With this in mind, become acquainted with the washing machine on a weekly basis. Before using the washing machine, clean the removable lint filter to remove clogged up fluff and grit. After using the washing machine, don’t leave laundry in the machine otherwise it will get mouldy and could potentially cause damage to the machine. 


Cleaning at first may seem daunting but once you develop a route and follow it through you will become accustomed to it. If you are living in shared accommodation, communication is vital for cleaning. Develop some ground cleaning rules and create a fair rota. Most importantly, don’t negatively think of cleaning as just a range of taxing chores rather positively a basic life skill for University and beyond. 

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