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Top Ten Songs to kick-start your Spring Clean

Top Ten Songs to kick-start your Spring Clean 8 Apr

The days are longer, the daffs are out and the sun is (hopefully) shining – spring has sprung! There’s not much to dislike about this time of year – even the birds are chirping their approval.

The annual spring clean, however, isn’t something most of us look forward to – in fact it’s the one thing about spring that most of us dread. But never fear – with our cleaning playlist consisting of the top ten songs to get you in the mood to blitz that dirt – you’ll have the spring cleaning done in no time – (and you might even enjoy it!)

Oh, and the order of tracks matters…

Happy cleaning!


Dirrty – Christina Aguilera

This one is the ultimate cleaning the floor banger. Just grab a mop (aka microphone) and sing/perform as you work. The fast tempo and dirty beat will have your floor sparkling in no time at all!


Eye of the tiger – Survivor

This punchy track is perfect for getting you moving when all you want to do is curl up in that pile of clean laundry


I want to break free – Queen

If you’re not doing the hoovering to this song then you’re doing it wrong (Just watch the video – it’s self-explanatory) Leather skirt optional.


Car Wash – Rose Royce

The upbeat tempo of this 70’s classic makes it perfect not just for washing cars, but homes too! We recommend getting a bucket of soapy water and giving your windows a once over. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility if you groove too hard and knock it over…


Another one bites the dust – Queen

We know we’ve already featured Queen, but you can never get enough of Mr Mercury, right?! This tune makes for a dramatic turn in your cleaning routine – yep, it’s time to get serious.


Work Bitch – Britney Spears

You want a clean house? You better work bitch! You’ve been cleaning for a while and your work may be staring to get a little lacklustre as a result. Let Britney spur you on the best way she knows how – through a banging tune!


Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield

Well, it is spring cleaning after all! If there’s no real sun gleaming through the window, then at least this song lets you pretend for precisely 3 minutes and 23 seconds.


Gotta get thru this – Daniel Bedingfield

We had one from his sister, so it’s only fair Mr Bedingfield gets his turn in the spotlight. As the name suggests, this record will get you through the last bits of your cleaning – no bother!


Pump up the Jam – Technotronic

An all-round motivating song, ‘Pump up the Jam’ will have you in a cleaning frenzy – scrub those surfaces and pump those biceps – it’s housework and working out all in one!


Sweat – David Guetta

So close to the finish line, it’s no wonder you’re sweating by now. Embrace it with this noughties classic by everyone’s favourite DJ!

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