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The Best Cleaning Scents

The Best Cleaning Scents 24 May

Rain is often perceived negatively; but during the spring months where there are frequent showers, we are lucky enough to experience some of the best and freshest natural scents that we often attempt to replicate throughout the year. Is there anything better than the subtle smell of the dew on a crisp March morning? Or a freshly cut lawn, or the spring hyacinths, tulips, crocuses and daffodils? In this article, we’ve taken a look at some of the best cleaning scents that give your home that fresh-as-a-daisy feel!




Wild Rose

Rosa palustris, also known as ‘swamp rose’ typically thrives in ground that is that bit wetter, and so enjoys the additional rainfall that the springtime brings. Some other species of wild roses also bloom around the late spring/early summer. Their gentle fragrance is often sweet and the scent is characteristically used as a linen spray in the home.


Wild Rose



Lemon is the go-to-choice and a classic staple when it comes to generic household cleaning. The scent is often used for sanitisers, dusting foams, floor detergents, as well as kitchen and bathroom cleaning sprays. Actual lemons are often chopped into slices and used in diluted water to clean stubborn, greasy areas such as the microwave and oven. Lemon is one of the freshest natural smells and is often paired with other scents such as lime, rosemary, lavender, and thyme.





Green Apple

Another popular scent is the fresh tang of green apples. It is unsurprising that some of the cleanest and natural eats (i.e., fresh fruits) make for some of the best cleaning smells. Apples, in their natural form are great antioxidants when eaten. Their aroma is therefore designed to appeal to the human senses. Apple Cider Vinegar, as a natural product can be both used as a health drink and as a cleaning product. Common uses include; floor cleaners, drain cleaner, bathroom cleaner and the removal of mildew. Other cleaning products that are not for consumption often mimic the scent of green apples and leave your room smelling divine!





Orange Blossom & Ginger

Orange Blossom and Ginger often work well as a well-rounded air freshener and fabric freshener. With a slightly fuller body to the aroma, as with less of a punchy-zing, this scent is often also used in soaps and hand creams – which are essential for those who clean regularly. Hand care is an important part of cleaning as many cleaning products can be harmful to the skin. For this reason, cleaners should also acquire a good pair of cleaning gloves to minimise the skin’s exposure to strong chemicals. Good hygiene is also essential, so cleaners should wash their hands after each task.


Orange Blossom



Grapefruit & Pomegranate

Surprisingly, if you half a grapefruit, then liberally sprinkle the top of it with salt; dirt and grime can be removed from bathroom ceramics. Grapefruit and pomegranate scents are often used for kitchen and bathroom disinfectant sprays. The fresh and sweet scents leave your home smelling pleasant, with a natural, lingering aroma.




Vanilla and Orchid

Vanilla and Orchid is often used as an air freshener or fabric freshener. Orchids have a naturally subtle and sweet smell, whereas vanilla can be far stronger – so use these products sparingly, as houses can end up smelling sickly-sweet. Rhubarb and Vanilla is another classic combination and makes for pleasant smelling hand creams and soaps.





To optimise the freshness of your home, you should attempt to open your windows regularly, as no artificial scent will match the natural fragrances nature brings. Having fresh air in your home also aids in reducing the spreading of germs. When using cleaning products, it’s tempting to stick to a trusted brand, however, shopping around and trying new scents will make for a fresher home, as you can become acclimatised to a certain aroma and no longer appreciate its value. Changing your cleaning sprays every so often will mean that when you return to your favourite, you will be able to appreciate it fully.

Finally, compliment poperies and air fresheners to the season. Cinnamon, cranberries cloves and spices are more suited to the winter season and Christmas, whereas lemon and grapefruit aromas reflect spring.


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