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Take Control With 6 Household Cleaning Apps!

Take Control With 6 Household Cleaning Apps! 20 May

How do you stay sane and survive the tedious and lengthy task of household cleaning? The emphasis here is to survive – and with the help of android and iOS apps, your chores around the house can be made that little bit easier with the help of some carefully created apps.

Keeping on top of household work is difficult in itself – whilst balancing a working life, two or three young children running around like headless chickens and leaving yourself some ‘me’ time.

We’ve decided to share our pick of the best apps to take control with 6 household cleaning apps!


Available to download off iTunes Apple Store for £3.99

Routine is everything. When you’re attempting to balance a million and one things, the one thing you can control is structure to assist your home cleaning needs. This app is a fantastic way of scheduling the daily tasks you need to do and as and when you would like to do them, e.g. morning, afternoon or evening. You can also split your tasks into ‘zones’, which are the rooms of your home, meaning you can take each room, one step at a time and feel a little more relieved when you have completed it!


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You Rule Chores

Free to download off iTunes Apple Store

Your children will never be the first to offer their assistance when cleaning is on agenda. You Rule Chores gives parents the ultimate control needed when delegating cleaning chores. This is such a brilliant app for busy parents and it helps turn cleaning into fun and games, without unwarranted moaning. All the children need to do is pick a character and play a game which earns them coins every time they complete a task. The app is superbly intuitive for youngsters, gives them early responsibility and is simple to use!


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Clean Freak Cleaning Schedule

Available to download of iTunes Apple Store £0.79

Designed for working parents and those who claim to be self-made cleaning freaks! The app has been made with the intention to turn the difficult task of cleaning ones entire home into a simple task. The clean freak cleaning schedule manages each task into small pieces using a rota system.


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Available to download off iTunes Apple Store and Android for free

What is so brilliant about Brightnest is the ability to make it all about you and your home – you can add unique house attributes, such as saving time, money and reducing clutter to make sure your routine is catered to your requirements. You can create and schedule tasks and the app will remind you when important things need to be completed by. There is also a home quiz that will supply helpful tips for your specific situation.


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Green Shine

Available to download off iTunes Apple Store for £2.99

Going green has become a buzzword of late and the nation are becoming more involved with saving the planet, by protecting the environment. The app helps you replace your commercial cleaners with environmentally friendly alternatives that are healthier and safer for the environment and everyone around you. There are solutions to 128 tasks performed around the house. If you want to lead a ‘greener life’, Green Shine will help you achieve your goals!



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Fridge Pal

Available to download off iTunes Apple Store for free

Long gone are the days of bickering over who ate the last melt in the middle pudding in the fridge. Fridge Pal is your new personal assistant as all you need to do is enter your food items purchased into the app and their expiry dates. The app will remind you when your food products are near to expiring and remind you to purchase more.


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