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Simple steps to removing stains when at home

Simple steps to removing stains when at home 23 Aug

It’s an inevitable occurrence that when living in your home, stains are bound to pop up from every direction. From your carpet, to tiled floors, to your bathroom walls, you need a contingency plan in place to satisfactorily deal with any variety of stains. And let’s be honest, women tend to spill a lot more, with efforts to contain their hair dye, mascara, lipstick in one place.

So here is your ultimate stain-removal guide, to wipe away any smudges, stains or splatters. 


We’ve all been there, had one too many glasses of red wine on Friday night, and you lean over to grab the bottle, when your already full glass topples over. You panic – but there is a way out. Coat the stain with salt, and lots of it, so you can barely see the stain benath. Once you have let the salt settle, pour boiling hot water over the stain and it should fade away very quickly. For white wine, make sure you run cold water, not hot, and then spray it with a dish-soap solution, and then dab with a detergent. 

Photo credit: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock 


Other than your weekly glass of wine, coffee is your go-to pick me up and with the cafetiere topped up on a daily basis, you are bound to be in a rush one morning and accidentally spill it over the carpet. Boil some hot water straight away and pour it through the stain, as this will rid the stain of its strong colour. If the coffee had milk in it, add an oil solvent like carbona stain devils after you have applied the hot water. 

Photo credit: Stephen VanHorn/Shutterstock 


Don’t let the calories get in the way, when indulging in a well-earned packet of dairy milk buttons. But if you happen to let one slip between your fingers, and it drops to the floor, you may have a slight mess on your hands. If that’s the case, scrape off the excess and then spray it with a dish-soap soap solution and then dab it lightly with a detergent. 

Photo credit: photopictures/Shutterstock 

Tomato sauce

Beige carpet and pasta with tomato sauce is no good combo. And when you’ve been allowed to sit on the sofa, with your dinner on a tray, the risk of spillage is high. So if you find yourself in a compromising position, try to wipe off any excess sauce and then apply a detergent with a damp towel to remove any residue. If there is a little more colour to remove, apply white wine vinegar.   

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