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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service- Hertfordshire and London areas

Our experienced cleaners at Rub and Scrub perform quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services appropriate to the size and the type of material your garment is made from.

We are fully Prochem trained and fully insured. We confidently use Prochem products which produce outstanding results. We have invested in and fully trust the latest, most powerful, cleaning machines available, leaving you with cleaner carpets.

If you have any dense spots on your carpet that you thought you would never be able to remove our trained cleaners can recover your stained carpets using the best cleaning methods. Even if you require a simple refreshing clean for your sofa or rug, you can call us to perform a reliable service for you at some of the best rates in Hertfordshire.

At Rub and Scrub we care about our clientele and we do our upmost to satisfy their needs and requirements. At Rub and Scrub the service we offer is performed by insured cleaners, who are prepared for the job via special training.

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Carpet cleaning method | Inspection & Testing

Carpet cleaning method-

To begin with, we test for colour fastness and colour bleed on carpets that are patterned. We test to understand what fibres are present in the carpet. This enables our team to use the best method for cleaning a carpet with the correct chemicals to achieve the best results.

 Surface Removal

We thoroughly vacuum the carpet. By doing so we prevent any dry mud turning into muddy residue once we begin the cleaning process with our machines. It also lifts the fibres to aid the next steps


We pre-spray the carpet with the appropriate cleaning solution for carpet type. We use a carpet cleaning machine to carry this method out and the solution is left to penetrate the carpet fibres to break down the dirt and grime.



We use a special carpet tool attachment to work the pre-spray solution into the carpet fibres. We ensure the solution is worked from 4 different directions to lift the carpet pile to ensure even coverage.

Hot water Extraction Cleaning

Then we use our powerful machine to remove the dirt and grime we have broken down. With temperatures up to 150 degrees, our carpet cleaning systems not only removes dirt and grime, but also removes bacteria too. The machines we use contains a vacuum motor to remove the majority of water to ensure minimal drying time.

Stains treatment After all the above we treat any remaining stains by using a professional stain and spot remover to ensure your carpet looks it very best.


Carpet Stain guard Protection (optional) for additional fee

We can apply a stain protector. This barrier can last up to 5 years and reduces the risk of staining. It allows our clients to simply mop up accidents as it prevents the fibre absorbing oil and water based stains.

We use the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

All tough stains and spots can be removed with our intensive steam cleaning and hot water extraction techniques.

New & Tested Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Our cleaning team use the highest quality carpet cleaning products and techniques for an amazing before and after result.