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Keeping your home clean with a pet dog!

Keeping your home clean with a pet dog! 27 Jun

In 2015, it was estimated that there are approximately 8.5million dogs as pets at home. It may come as a surprise that living with a dog doesn’t mean your house is going to inherently smelly and full of paw prints. However, the challenge to own a dog continues and keeping a house clean is only the beginning. Cleaning your house on a regular basis is a difficult task in itself and owning a dog can make your chores a whole lot harder. When you toilet train your dog, and have to account for the number of oops-a-daisies left on the carpet or wooden floor when you’ve returned home from your gym class is not an ideal situation. But, cleaning after your dog doesn’t have to be insurmountable if you know how to do so with little fuss made.

Take a look at some of the ways you can be keeping your home clean with a pet dog!

Keep the dirty paws at the door

Like the rest of your family, muddy footprints taken through the house is one of the most frustrating habits to cope with. No mother, father, grandparent or cleaner appreciates having to constantly wipe down the floors after you neglect to remove your dirty shoes. The same rules apply to your furry friend – stop the muddy paws at the door, with a front door mat to wipe down any excess dirt or mud. Also have on hand a towel you don’t mind dirtying. You can also invest in pet wipes, which work pretty much the same as human wipes. Have a bin or plastic bag on hand, and you’ll be guaranteed a clean house in no time!


Image credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock 

Get rid of excess hair on a regular basis

A growing trend to own ‘non malting dogs’ seems to be on the rise, due to the amount of fur, dogs can shed on a daily basis. No matter how much you love your dog, having hair floating around your home is not an ideal situation. Spend at least five to ten minutes a day thoroughly brushing through your dog’s fur. Take him/her outside and by brushing daily you will remove any flaky skin or fur, by distributing natural oils through your dog’s coat. Also it may be worth investing in a dust buster (mini hoover for all your newbies to cleaning) – as it will help hoovering small amounts of fur manageable without having to plug your big vacuum cleaner in.


Image credit: Liga Gabrane/Shutterstock

Air freshener in every room

As a dog owner, you will most likely have a bottle of air freshener following you around in every corner of the house. Keeping your house clean is one task, but ensuring it smells just as good is another to battle. We recommend placing an air diffuser in every room; a natural scent that diffuses the smell of ‘wet dog’; especially during the winter months. If family members have allergies, Febreze (well-known air freshener brand) has an Allergen Reducer Febreze, which claims to reduce up to 75% of allergens from pets and dust mites that come off furniture.


Image credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock 

Other general rules include:

  • Vacuuming at least once a day – if you do the maths, with a family and a dog, a lot of dirt can accumulate
  • Tiled flooring or wooden floors should be mopped also daily
  • Wash towels and mats regularly on a weekly basis
  • If your dog is allowed upstairs only during the day, make sure rooms are cleaned before bed


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