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How To Clean Up After Having A Party

How To Clean Up After Having A Party 15 Jul

Having a party is all fun and games until you wake up the morning after to countless of empty cups and pizza boxes laying around. While this looks more like a scene from a movie, there is no denying that your house will need a good clean after throwing a party. We’ve put together some tips on how to deal with the after party mess, quickly and easily.

1. Open the windows

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A good way to start the cleaning process after a house party is by opening all the windows to let some fresh air circulate. This will get rid of any undesirable smells such as alcohol, food or cigarette smoke that might be lingering well after your guests have left. Not to mention that it will also be quite refreshing to take a deep breath of fresh air before starting a deep clean. 

2. Gather all the cleaning essentials

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Secondly, you will need to look around and gather all your cleaning essentials. This will save you time from going back to the cupboard every time you remember you need something to clean with.  Don’t forget the rubber gloves as well as you wouldn’t want any of those powerful chemicals penetrating your skin.

3. Go room by room

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  • Kitchen & Living Room

The kitchen and living room are most likely to be the messiest areas after a house party. You should start the cleaning process by getting rid of all the cups, boxes and bottles laying around. Throw them in the bin and take the trash out. This will make it easier for you to rub and scrub the surfaces underneath the mess.

After throwing away and recycling anything that needs to be thrown away, you should continue by filling up your dishwasher with all the dirty dishes laying around so while you continue your cleaning, those will be getting cleaned as well.

Put on your rubber gloves and spray some cleaning products on areas that are stained with food. After spraying them, leave the product to work it’s magic while you scrub down less-problematic areas such as your counters and tables. After you’re done with those, go back to the stove/oven and scrub those clean as well. Before you begin, you may want to read up on how to clean your oven properly.

Once the dishwasher has finished, take out the dishes and place them in the cupboard where they belong.

Leave the floors to clean last after you are done with cleaning the rest of the house.

  • Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, we recommend starting by stripping the bed down and putting all the beddings in the washing machine. After changing them for some fresh sheets, throw away any junk laying around like you did in the kitchen. This will leave the bedside tables empty for you to wipe down and clean.

  • Bathroom

Next up is the bathroom, first thing you need to do is to lift the toilet lid, put some bleach inside the toilet bowl and spray the toilet seats with a multipurpose bathroom spray. Leave those substances to work their magic while you start working on the bath and shower.

If you have a bath, fill it in with some warm water and add a dash of a cleaning product. Leave it to sit and clean the bath for a couple of minutes than empty the bath and give it a little scrub using the same cleaning product. Don’t forget to rinse it off after you’re done with cleaning it as you wouldn’t want to be taking a bath full of chemicals.

Once you’ve scrubbed clean the toilet and shower/bath area, it’s time to clean the less problematic areas that don’t need any soaking, such as the sink and mirrors. If you have trouble getting rid of lime scale, why not check our blog post on how to remove it quickly and easily. 

4. Leave floors until last

Image Credit: Diane Diederich/Shutterstock

Once you’re done with cleaning the house, all that’s left to do is cleaning the floors. This is best to be left last as there is a high chance you will be getting them dirtier in the cleaning process. If you have carpet in your house, check out our blog post on how to remove carpet stains.

5. Treat problematic areas

Image credit: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

During a party, there is a high chance you will wake up to some new stains that are quite difficult to remove. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning that needs to be done or those stains look like they will be giving you a hard time, you could take a step back and hire a cleaning company that will make your house even more spotless than it was before the party.

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