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How to clean the interior roof of your car: step-by-step guide

How to clean the interior roof of your car: step-by-step guide 12 Oct

Clean cars have been reported to make Brits feel happier. Considering that 70% of drivers are claiming a clean car improves their mood, it is easy to see why it is important. Yet, people often call it a ‘job done’ after paying a visit to their local car wash or after removing the piles of rubbish from their back seats. But what about cleaning those hard to reach places yourself? We explore how to clean the interior roof of your car.


How to clean car interior roof

The car’s roof interior and an overall upholstery clean is easily left off the car owner’s cleaning checklist. Yet, surprisingly, dirt builds up over time. Parents with kids may be familiar with a food trail above the passenger seat or muddy marks from muddy sport kits. Yet, kids or no kids, over time your roof will accumulate dirt. Learning how to clean interior roof of your car is essential.


How to clean stains on car interior roofthrough a spot clean? 

How to clean the interior roof your car using a microfiber cloth

Photo Credit: Coprid/Shutterstock

Spot cleaning is the most common cleaning technique and will need to be incorporated into your cleaning routine. As such, knowing how to clean the interior roof of your car will be a helpful life hack. These four basic steps will help remove small stains from the ceiling of your car: 


  1. Remove loose bits of dry dirt (mud etc). 

  2. Insert fabric cleaner onto microfibre cloth 

  3. Apply mild pressure to surface

  4. Use dry cloth to remove excess moisture and leave to dry


Clean interior roof for cars through a deep clean

If spot cleaning isn’t working, a deep clean is in order. This will require a thorough clean of the whole headliner. If you attempt to do a deep clean on one area, it will make the interior look uneven. Follow these simple steps for a deep clean solution:


  1. Use a spray to evenly cover the whole of your headliner (car roof). 

  2. Leave the aerosol upholstery cleaner to work its magic – check your cleaner for specific timings

  3. Lightly scrub the roof interior with a bristle brush

  4. Leave to dry


Deep cleaning machines: yay or nay?

Should you use a machine to deep clean your car?

Photo Credit: AfricaStudio/Shutterstock


The deep cleaning machine can be used to remove stains and give your car a polished look. However, if performed incorrectly or too frequently, this option can initiate long term damage to the interior roof of your car.


How does this method damage your car interior? According to Your Mechanic, the moisture and heat can interfere with glue, eventually causing the headline to sag. However, others say it is the material and backing which cause sagging. Either way, it is essential to take action if the interior of your car is damaged. 

Sagging headlines can reduce your visibility or produce small debris to fall into your eyes whilst on the road. It goes without saying, this could cause a serious accident. As such, we suggest that fixing your headline takes priority before learning how to clean the car roof interior.

If your car interior is in good condition, excluding stains or dirt, you can still consider a deep cleaning machine. However, we strongly recommend following the guidelines provided on the equipment or hiring a professional cleaner to ensure no permanent damage is done. Keep in mind, you may not notice damage right away but the long term impact can be dangerous.


Car roof upholstery replacement

If your headliner has stubborn stains, unaltered by the prior cleaning methods, it may be time to remove the interior roof material all together. DIY experts may wish to replace the car’s interior themselves. The car headlining fabric will cost roughly £8.00 per meter. Of course, we don’t recommend this option for everyone. A professional replacement will cost you roughly £270 – £300.


Leave it to the experts to clean your car’s interior!

Professional car cleaning service

Photo Credit: MenzlGuenter/Shutterstock

Regular deep cleaning is required if you want to prevent the build up of dirt and keep your car’s interior in good condition. Keep in mind, regular car maintenance will also be beneficial when it is time to sell. It is worth considering professional care to maintain your car’s interior.


A clean car can improve your mood. However, many people do not have the time to deep clean their headlining, particularly parents or individuals with a busy career. Professional cleaning prices are very reasonable, set between £30 – £45 depending on your car size. Often people hire a cleaner for their home and use the same service to deep clean their car. 


Featured Image Photo Credit: JADEZMITH/Shutterstock

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