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The grimiest tech in your house and office (and how to clean it!)

The grimiest tech in your house and office (and how to clean it!) 12 Aug

Little do we know that our everyday technology becomes host to a number of germs and bacteria. We clean our clothes if we have worn them, so why don’t we think to clean our technology? This article will tell you the grimiest tech you have in your homes and how to go about cleaning it.


If you are someone who eats their lunch at their desk at work, crumbs and bits of food are probably getting wedged in between the keys on your keyboard. All that tapping away means your fingers are constantly touching the keys – after eating, sneezing and yawning, a host of germs are making home on your keys. Studies have even found keyboards can be host to a number of nasty bugs such as e-coli …Gross!
To clean your keyboard, unplug it first and blow out any dust and dirt that get trapped in the cracks. Wipe the keys using some cotton wool dipped in isopropyl alcohol, and for in between keys, you can use a cotton bud. If you want to be more thorough, you can take out all the keys and clean them individually.

Computer mice

Similarly, to keyboard, the computer mouse can also get pretty filthy. Its handled all day and again for those who are eating food at their desks and then touching the mouse it can be host to bacteria.
To clean, unplug the mouse, use a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol to wipe the buttons and wheel on the top. Turn it upside down and use a cotton bud or tooth pick to clean the rubber bits at the bottom.


We are glued to our phones and with touch phones the new standard, our fingers are constantly smearing and swiping across our phones. As well as that they go on the floor, bottom of bags, and passed around many hands. Some of us even take our phone into the bathroom with us and Digital Spy found 75% of us admit to having used our phone on the loo – Eurgh!
To clean your phone, ensure you’ve firstly turned it off, removed the case and the battery, if possible. Do not use any harsh chemicals that will make smear marks on your screen and damage it. Either use a slightly damp cloth, or purchase some phone cleaner . Now your screen will shimmer and shine – all the better for your game of Pokémon Go!


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Remote control

Similar to phones, our remote control gets passed around the household and for those of us who eat in front of the telly, our remote is probably gross – and this can even stop it from working properly. It’s also an easy way to pass illness onto your family members, which they won’t thank you for!
Remove those batteries first! Use a cotton bud to swab around the buttons, and for any deep grime you can use a tooth pick. Wipe down the rest of the remote with a cloth dipped in some rubbing alcohol.

Computer and TV screen

Our computer and TV screens attract a lot of dust, and they can get covered in finger marks quite quickly.
To clean, it is important not to use rubbing alcohol, as it can damage the protective coating on the screen and cause even more smearing. Use a soft microfiber cloth to remove the dust, if that’s not removing those stubborn finger print marks, get the cloth slightly damp with water and then give it a wipe.


Some of us are constantly ‘plugged in’ and the wax, oil and sweat of our ears combined with the warmth being generated by using headphones can over time make our headphones quite unhygienic. Even a small amount of debris can cause the sound quality to fade, and even cut out altogether.
To clean, unplug from your phone or iPod and remove the felt tips from the earbuds if you have them. Use a cloth and damp it slightly with warm water and soap, proceed to wipe (not dunk!) your headphones. You can use a dry toothbrush to dislodge any bits stuck in the metal. How often you clean them depends on how much you use them, if you use them daily then you should clean them weekly or fortnightly, if less regular you can probably get away with cleaning them monthly.

There you have it – all the tips you need to ensure your technology is kept clean and shining and how to keep it that way.

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