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Get rid of bed bugs from your home today!

Get rid of bed bugs from your home today! 10 Aug

You have bites on your skin and need a solution… quick! Look no further, Rub and Scrub can help. This two minute guide will help you determine whether unwanted, blood-sucking visitors are living in your home. No, we are not referring to vampires. Learn how to get rid of bed bugs through our five step process and regain control of your home.


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First, it is important to identify what bit you. Statistics from the National Pest Management Association’s survey, 2018 Bugs Without Boarder, highlight how easily people confuse bed bugs with other pests, such as fleas or even cockroaches. 


A bed bug or something else?


Bed bugs generally bite multiple times, forming a line of red bumps on exposed areas of your skin. These bites can become itchy, and if scratched, can become infected. Sound familiar? 


With recent temperatures soaring over 30C in the UK, coupled with your recent holiday, there is an increased chance of a bed bug bite and even a bed bug infestation in your home. These pests thrive in the warmer weather and are loyal companions of the traveller. 


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What exactly do they look like?


The good news is that bed bugs are visible to humans, which means you and I can find them. 


Adult bed bugs are a flat oval shaped, six-legged insectwhich feed on blood and grow up to 5mm long. Their colour varies; however, it is usually either brown, red or dark yellow. Their pinhead sized eggs range from transparent to white and are difficult to spot. 


What is the bad news? Bed bugs are quick and great hiders. Read on to learn where these mites hide and how to get rid of bed bugs from your home.


Top three areas bed bugs are laying their eggs. 


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Whilst bed bugs are small, they usually leave evidence behind. Be sure to look out for bed bug signs as well as the termites themselves. It is best to start looking in the bedroom and gradually work your way throughout the home. 


1) Bed: within your box spring, bedding, mattress and head board.

2) Lounge: in your sofa, rug and coffee table.

3) General: curtains, walls and ceilings, carpets and storage units.


How to get rid of bed bugs?


At first, identifying a bed bug infestation can be overwhelming. However, we have complied a simple five step to-do list help you get rid of bed bugs.


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Your first point of call is to wash your clothes and bedding at 60 degrees centigrade. For those of you who like a bit of reassurance, put your laundry on a 30-minute cycle in the tumble dryer.


Second, hire a carpet cleaner or a professional to clean your carpets. Rub and Scrub’s hot water extractionis a great carpet cleaning solution as the water reaches up to 150 degrees, killing bed bugs and unwanted bacteria which is a bonus.


Thirdly, we highly recommend investing in a heavy-duty vinyl cover for your mattress which will prevent these bugs getting out or coming back in. However, to play it safe, keep the cover sealed for up to two years as bed bugs can survive extensive periods between feedings.


To get rid of bed bugs, you may also wish to consider a bed bug spray or simply throw away any heavily invested furniture which may be old and worn out.


The final step is a two-part process. Take the opportunity to put yourself into the minimalist mindset and de-clutter your home to eliminate bed bug hiding spots. After this has been completed, you can move on to a deep spring clean, particularly in your bedroom and living room.


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At last you can rest assured, there will be no more bites tomorrow!



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