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Category: Cleaning Tips

10 hacks to keep your Office Work Space Clean and Tidy 6 Jun

10 hacks to keep your Office Work Space Clean and Tidy

Numerous studies have shown the importance of keeping a clean work space for productivity - read through our top ten tips to ensure you keep your desk in check!   Grubby Keyboards shutterstock/mama-mia Eat your sandwiches at your desk? Tend to neglect the dusting? We all get a little too slack about cleaning at work, and…

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Cleaning Advert Nostalgia 11 May

Cleaning Advert Nostalgia

Cleaning products are a dime a dozen, so imagine having to work in the marketing department of a household brand. There’s so much competition with all the sprays, detergents, tablets and solutions on the market, so how do you stand out? A well put-together advert can be the difference. Indulge in nostalgia with these memorable…

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4 common personal hygiene mistakes you’re making 13 Apr

4 common personal hygiene mistakes you’re making

We live in a world where every other person carries hand sanitiser in their bag. And everything from gentleman wipes (A.K.A “One Wipe Charlies”) to beard cleaning kits are all available for avid hygienists. So we’re a nation of cleanly wannabes, paranoid about the spread of bugs, germs and viruses. And who can blame us?…

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After Builders Clean 7 Feb

After Builders Clean

  The builders went in and transformed an office area, which represented a building site into a wonderful, presentable, habitable work space. It was then Rub and Scrub Professional Cleaning Services duty to spruce it up and remove all traces of the building work. It was our job to leave the office sparkling clean, dust…

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Upholstery / Interior Car Cleaning 31 Dec

Upholstery / Interior Car Cleaning

Recently Microbiologists from the University of Nottingham took samples from motorist’s cars to see what was lurking on the steering wheels, seats and foot wells. They found traces of Ecoli and Staphylococcus. Ecoli causes food poisoning and Staphylococcus can cause blood infections and infections in the lungs and heart. Motorists were questioned about their car…

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How to Remove Common Stubborn Carpet Stains 21 Nov

How to Remove Common Stubborn Carpet Stains

Blot the spot or place a towel over the stain and stand/walk on it. Dry the stain by working from the outside in, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and blot again. Try not to scrub the carpet, you may risk ruining the carpet fibres or you penetrate the spillage/liquid/fluid through to the carpet pad. Type…

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How We Clean Carpets 31 Aug

How We Clean Carpets

Carpet cleaning method-This step is the most important step in the carpet cleaning method process. We test for colour fastness and colour bleed on patterned carpets. We test to ascertain what fibres are used to make the carpet. All of these factors combine to determine the best method for cleaning a carpet and the correct…

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