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Category: Cleaning Tips

What objects need cleaning weekly? 5 Jul

What objects need cleaning weekly?

Every week, we all needlessly tire ourselves out with masses of cleaning jobs that aren’t necessary. In a recent survey, Mumsnet questioned nearly 1,000 working mothers on the division of labour in their home and found that women spend on average 10 hours per week on household tasks, with nearly nine in ten of people admitting…

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How Clean Is Your Gym? 26 Apr

How Clean Is Your Gym?

With 1 in every 7 people in the UK owning a gym membership, fitness centres have become a germ hotspot. Although you are probably going to the gym to lose weight, get fit and gain muscle, you may be leaving your fitness centre with a little more than a dream body. The germs for skin…

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Cleaning During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts 26 Jul

Cleaning During Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

According to a research that was published a few years ago, household chores may increase the risk of preterm labour. Furthermore, some studies suggest that there may be a link between the use of chemical cleaning products during pregnancy and respiratory problems in new-borns. Most health experts, however, agree that unless you are having a…

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The Clean House Calculator 12 Jul

The Clean House Calculator

Ever wondered how much time and money you spend in order to have a clean house? All the cleaning products, the sprays, the mops, the vacuums, etc. And many people think hiring a domestic cleaner would be more expensive than doing it themselves. Well now’s your chance to find out, how much does it really…

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