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Clean for The Queen

Clean for The Queen 21 Mar

Clean for The Queen

Clean for The Queen for Her Majesty's 90th Birthday   It is fast approaching the Queen’s 90th Birthday and in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy a special clean-up weekend campaign took place for members of the public to roll up their sleeves and make a difference to their community. “Clean for the Queen” campaign ran…

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After Builders Clean 7 Feb

After Builders Clean

  The builders went in and transformed an office area, which represented a building site into a wonderful, presentable, habitable work space. It was then Rub and Scrub Professional Cleaning Services duty to spruce it up and remove all traces of the building work. It was our job to leave the office sparkling clean, dust…

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Upholstery / Interior Car Cleaning 31 Dec

Upholstery / Interior Car Cleaning

Recently Microbiologists from the University of Nottingham took samples from motorist’s cars to see what was lurking on the steering wheels, seats and foot wells. They found traces of Ecoli and Staphylococcus. Ecoli causes food poisoning and Staphylococcus can cause blood infections and infections in the lungs and heart. Motorists were questioned about their car…

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Get your home ready for Christmas and New Year. 31 Dec

Get your home ready for Christmas and New Year.

Do you have a houseful of family and friends coming this Christmas and New Year? Is your home ready for all of your guests and the mess it brings? With New Year  just around the corner. You may feel daunted by all the preparation on top of the pressures of getting your home ready for your…

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Bed Bugs Removal Tips

Bed bugs have been in our beds and interrupting our sleep for centuries. Many blame our love of international travel. Bed bugs don’t pose any harm to us, but itching and the thought of sharing your bed with these tiny unwanted night crawlers gives us all a shiver down our spine. (Are you itching just…

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How to Remove Common Stubborn Carpet Stains 21 Nov

How to Remove Common Stubborn Carpet Stains

Blot the spot or place a towel over the stain and stand/walk on it. Dry the stain by working from the outside in, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and blot again. Try not to scrub the carpet, you may risk ruining the carpet fibres or you penetrate the spillage/liquid/fluid through to the carpet pad. Type…

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Spring Cleaning Essential Tips 16 Oct

Spring Cleaning Essential Tips

Spring cleaning is something that every UK resident has considered at some point. Although cleaning should be accomplished throughout the year, it is no secret that more people start to clean their homes and cars once the winter days have started to fade. One of the reasons why spring is so popular for cleaning, is…

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Rugs and Floors 16 Oct

End of Tenancy Cleaning Rugs and Floors

The best UK end of tenancy cleaners pay close attention to cleaning rugs and floors. This is particularly important as it relates to carpets. Some carpets are so stained and soiled that they require special attention. Pets leave behind urine stains in areas where they are hard to find unless all of the furniture is…

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Importance of End of Tenancy Kitchen Cleaning 16 Oct

Importance of End of Tenancy Kitchen Cleaning

UK end of tenancy cleaning solutions are incredibly important for home owners who rent to multiple people. The kitchen area is perhaps one of the most important places within the home to clean. This is the area that many people spend the majority of their time after work. The ability to cook your own meal…

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Green Cleaning 15 Oct

Green Cleaning

The prevention of injuries, either through ingestion or exposure to the skin, is an important reason to go green. Strong cleaners are made with agents that can cause severe reactions such as vomiting, once they are ingested. Although most of the cleaners that you can buy will have warning signs, these do little to deter…

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