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Gender Wars: Who is the cleanliest?

Gender Wars: Who is the cleanliest? 21 Jul

Gender Wars: Who is the cleanliest?

Couples will often bicker over who does which chores. Archaic stereotypes saw certain sexes leaning towards certain household tasks, with women being typically viewed as the ‘home maker’. However, modern day has seen men, on many an occasion, out-strip women for the title of the most house-proud home owner. But are we really as clean…

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The Clean House Calculator 12 Jul

The Clean House Calculator

Ever wondered how much time and money you spend in order to have a clean house? All the cleaning products, the sprays, the mops, the vacuums, etc. And many people think hiring a domestic cleaner would be more expensive than doing it themselves. Well now’s your chance to find out, how much does it really…

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Cleaning your new home 5 Jul

Cleaning your new home

One of the last things many think about when moving home is cleaning. However, it should be one of the first things on your list when arriving at your new property. According to ‘More common sources of dust pollutants, including animal dander, sand, insect waste, flour (in the kitchen), and of course lots of…

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Goodbye Germs – How clean is your Sponge? 30 Jun

Goodbye Germs – How clean is your Sponge?

You use your kitchen sponge for a variety of cleaning tasks around the kitchen - wiping surfaces, washing pots and pans and mopping up spills to name but a few. With this in mind, it’s hugely important to ensure that your sponge is clean and germ free. You might be surprised to find out that…

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Brexit – so what happens now?! 24 Jun

Brexit – so what happens now?!

Last Thursday UK citizens were out in force to vote either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to remaining in the European Union – and we woke up Friday morning to the news that by 51.9% to 48.1%, Brexit was the winning choice. Everything from the country’s economy to the housing market are still uncertain – but how…

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How dirty are your shoes really? 15 Jun

How dirty are your shoes really?

Since childhood we’ve been ordered to “take your shoes off before you come into the house” or “wipe your feet” on the doormat, and we’ve obeyed without question. But how dirty are our shoes really? When you start to think about it, they are the only part of us that come into contact with all…

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10 hacks to keep your Office Work Space Clean and Tidy 6 Jun

10 hacks to keep your Office Work Space Clean and Tidy

Numerous studies have shown the importance of keeping a clean work space for productivity - read through our top ten tips to ensure you keep your desk in check!   Grubby Keyboards shutterstock/mama-mia Eat your sandwiches at your desk? Tend to neglect the dusting? We all get a little too slack about cleaning at work, and…

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The Best Cleaning Scents 24 May

The Best Cleaning Scents

Rain is often perceived negatively; but during the spring months where there are frequent showers, we are lucky enough to experience some of the best and freshest natural scents that we often attempt to replicate throughout the year. Is there anything better than the subtle smell of the dew on a crisp March morning? Or a freshly…

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