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5 ways Spring Cleaning can Boost your Bank Balance

5 ways Spring Cleaning can Boost your Bank Balance 31 Mar

It’s that time of year again… the clocks have gone back, the evenings are brighter and no doubt you’ll be wanting a lovely clean house to match your sunny disposition.

Granted, cleaning and housework aren’t the most riveting of activities, but they need to be done. So along with getting rid of grime and blowing away those winter cobwebs, why not make yourself a ton of cash as an extra bonus?

Here at Rub and Scrub, we have created a spring cleaning guide with a difference, so you can effectively earn as you clean – killing two birds with one ‘sponge’ – if you will…


Someone’s Rubbish is Another’s Treasure


When you’re planning a spring clean, the first thing on your list should be de-cluttering each and every room; having less stuff lying around will instantly make your home feel cleaner – plus you’re likely to be left with a overabundance of things to sell!

A garage or car boot sale are great ways to sell off things you no longer need – however if you have access to the internet, then why not make things even easier for yourself. Simply set up an eBay account, take pictures of the things you’d like to sell and watch the money role in!


Uncover Forgotten Gems


Ever complain you have ‘nothing to wear’? We’ve all been there. But instead of going out and spending money on something new, have a dig around your attic or the cupboard you never open whilst doing your spring clean – you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find.

That old sun-dress from five years ago that never made it out in cold British summer time? Perfect for your holiday abroad this year. The waterproof jacket you bought for skiing last Christmas? What a great autumn cover up!

You get the idea…

This way, you’ll have new clothes without spending a penny, hence extra money in your pocket – it’s a win win!


Utilise your Freezer


More often than not, your freezer gets ignored; it doesn’t need much cleaning or upkeep and tends to get left alone to do its job. However, you’d be surprised at how much space is taken up by products that you don’t use/have passed their sell by date etc.

Frozen food is just as good for you as fresh if you buy vegetables, fruit and other healthy staples, and it’s a much cheaper way to eat – as is buying foods in bulk and making large batches of curry/pie/whatever takes your fancy!

So shake off the ice during your spring clean and make room for lots of healthy, readymade produce as well as freezing home-made meals that you’ve prepared in bulk – your bank balance (and lazy cook alter ego) will thank you for it.


Get a Lodger


We all have that one room in our house that is stuffed full of all the rubbish we don’t want cluttering up our other, tidier rooms. Well, take your spring clean into this very room and you could make a mint!

Simply clean up your spare room/box room/study, put a bed in and advertise it on one of the many lodger sites on the internet. You could make anything from £200-500 a month – now if that’s not motivation to get mopping, dusting and vacuuming, we don’t know what is…


Staying In is the New Going Out

family watching movie

There’s no avoiding it – going out is expensive. Whether you want to take the family for a meal, the kids to the cinema or treat yourselves to a spa weekend, all these activities will cost you an arm and a leg these days.

Now as much as you want to save, you don’t want to turn into a hermit, so make sure you strike a balance; ensure your house is in tip top shape and invite friends/family round for social gatherings.

Instead of eating out buy ingredients from the supermarket and make a home cooked meal, instead of going to the cinema DVD’s work a treat and avoid a crowded bar or pub by making your own cocktails!

You’ll be much more likely to do this if you’re house-proud, which is where a good spring clean comes in especially handy.

So there you have it – five, sure-fire ways to spring clean your house and stay money savvy in the process!

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