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5 Everyday Items You May Forget to Clean

5 Everyday Items You May Forget to Clean 19 Dec

When it comes to cleaning everyday items may fall by the wayside, but that doesn’t mean that they should be overlooked. After all, just think about the sheer amount of germs they (and therefore: you) come in to contact with on a daily basis… It’s enough to make you want to don a hazard suit! But, fear not – you don’t have to go quite that far. Take a look at these five everyday items you may forget to clean and add them to your hit list. Once they’re part and parcel of your cleaning routine, you can rest easy in germ-free paradise.

Mobile Phones and techno bits

It is said that smart phones and tablets can harbor more germs than a toilet seat. Making technology one of, if not the dirtiest thing you can come into contact with on a daily basis. What’s more, Ofcom has recently revealed that we are so addicted to our smart phones and tablet computers that over one in ten of us (11%) even go as far as taking their device along to the bathroom (eww!) proof that your favourite gadget may just be a germ’s favourite thing to play on too.

To keep your technology pieces clean simply use a damp and soft micro-fibre cloth to remove and retain dirt. To avoid scratches, keep your motion circular and light – and, if necessary, use an anti-bacterial wipe to take care of any stubborn, sticky spots. Whatever you do, don’t use too much force or too much liquid and be sure to pay attention to your care of product information. 


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Handbags and Purses

Just think, we carry our handbags and purses with us almost everywhere we go (the toilet, on the tube, sometimes the bus and many a floor and sticky bar of favored pubs and clubs) not to mention all the things rattling around inside – half eaten snacks, old change and the odd make-up stick. Yep, you get the idea: the list is both endless and littered with grime. In fact, women who gave their beloved totes and satchels over to be swabbed in a survey conducted by ‘Initial Washroom Hygiene’ with Good Morning Britain scored an average reading of over 1,000 grime points. To put this in perspective just 200 points is considered ‘fairly’ clean and anything up to 500 points is a cause for real concern. Yuk! 

To clean your bag or purse all you need to do is empty it of all its unnecessary contents and give it a good wipe over with a substance suited to its type; so make sure to check the label inside! If it’s in regular use, a clean every few weeks should suffice – but at least once a month otherwise.


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Make-Up Brushes and Applicators

Over time, make-up brushes will accumulate everything from dead skin cells and bacteria to dirt and dust – plus a build-up of product that you may end up wiping over your face again and again if you don’t keep each utensil clean and well cared for. Naturally, the way we store them will affect their cleanliness too: are they loose in your make-up bag or rolled up together in a kit? Whatever the case, it’s important to take note. 

If in regular use, it’s a good idea to give your brushes a thorough clean once or twice a week – especially if you suffer from skin breakouts or have any cuts, grazes and infections. Also, be sure to avoid sharing your brushes with other people as it will encourage the spread of nasty bacteria. To clean your brushes, try using a good quality brush cleanser and follow the given guidelines or, simply place each brush in warm water mixed with a little shampoo and leave to soak awhile. Then, rinse them out under a cold tap and lay out to air dry naturally.


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It’s likely your toothbrush will go through much of the same routine as your make-up brush, so don’t ignore it – particularly as it spends most of its life nestled in the bathroom: a hotbed-haven of many a germ! Whole toothbrushes (or the head of your electric brush) should be changed every few months, and please don’t make the mistake of storing any brush in an airtight container – this won’t allow the brush to dry out as it should and will encourage the growth of mould and bacteria. Eek!


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Jewellery of an intricate shape and style will most definitely benefit from a good clean – particularly if you wear it every day. Take your wedding ring for example; it remains on your finger through day and night and subsequently makes contact with everything you touch. It’s the perfect place for dirt and grime to latch on and to hide unnoticed, masked by all the glimmer and sparkle. To clean your item, make sure to use the substance most suited to its type. 

For items that are merely dull, try mixing a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and dip in a soft cloth. Cast the cloth over the piece and rub, before rinsing and buffing to perfection and, for heavier tarnish, a little baking soda may help. Whatever the case, always follow recommended advice and if you’re not sure – leave it. You can always take pieces in to a local jeweler to look over. Try to make things easier for yourself and remove items like rings when washing your hands or applying lotions and perhaps use an anti-tarnish bag or good jewellery box to store everything in a clean and manageable fashion.  


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