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4 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Clothes Clean When On Holiday

4 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Clothes Clean When On Holiday 10 Mar

It’s inevitable that when on holiday, all you want to do is ultimately throw your dirty clothes on the corner of your bedroom floor to forget about, until you realise you don’t have enough pairs of socks to vest tops and summery floral dresses for your evening dinner dates. And as exciting as it is going on holiday, it is never stress-free when keeping your clothes clean. And let’s be honest, even if you’re staying in one place, hotel laundry services can be excessively expensive and without reason. What’s more, you don’t want your clean and dirty clothes spending unnecessary quality time together in your suitcase, so you need to reassess how you’ll keep your clothes clean and separate. 

So here are 4 handy tips and tricks to keep your clothes clean when on holiday! 

Air freshener 


When packing your suitcase, pack a few hanging air fresheners and attach them to each side of your case, so almost wedged above your clothes. If you are moving between places and therefore don’t want to entirely unpack your case, these air freshener’s will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Even if you are staying put in one place and unpacking your case, leave the air freshener inside, zip close your case close and when it comes to re-packing your belongings, your case will not release any unwanted aromas. 


Laundry bags 




Separation is key when determining what’s clean and dirty. Considering you’re literally living out of a case for a week or two, you need to establish what is dirty. Laundry bags not only make this distinction clear, but they have a dual purpose; you can have a bag per category of clothing. Purposefully split what’s clean and unused into different bags – you can have one bag that is just laundry and that way you will stay organised and efficient when knowing how much you have left of everything. 




Wash in the sink



Most individuals pack literally everything but the kitchen sink (pun most definitely intended). When going on holiday, it’s easy to be one of two personalities – packing your entire underwear draw for ease of washing, or packing the exact number of undies that you need, with the intention of washing them. If you’re personality number two, take a small bottle of travel wash with you, and get scrubbing in your bathroom sink. Then take a portable hanging line with you and mini clothes pegs and you can hang your clean laundry in your room or outside on a balcony should you have one. 


Stain remover pen 

Picture the scene, you’re halfway through dinner when you spill ketchup down your new outfit. Horrified at your own stupidity, ordinarily you would go home, change and put your top in the wash without much fuss made. But when you’re on holiday, to leave it with a stain for a few days before you get home is not exactly ideal. So when packing to go away, consider taking with you Tide to Go, a portable, instant stain remover pen that will literally eliminate any stain you have. So if you were considering on wearing that item of clothing again, fear not as with this stain remover pen, you will be stain free in no time. 


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